Why I Walk Instead of Run

Running sucks.

End of post.

But, seriously, running is a drag for me. I have only ever run on the treadmill and that was doing walk/run intervals. I never enjoyed it, but it was a means to an end. It feels so awkward. And a little like I’m going to die.

Walking, on the other hand… I love it. I mean truly LOVE it. I don’t even walk to lose weight or be healthy, I just crave getting outside and moving my legs and breathing the fresh air. I walk 2-3 miles every day, closer to 5 on the weekends. I am sure that everyone in the neighborhood knows me by now because I have mapped out a route that covers every sidewalk in my community without double-backing. I don’t do any deep breathing or meditating or praying or anything spiritual like that. (Not that that kind of thing NEVER happens. It’s just not the usual.)

I just walk.

I listen to a couple different podcasts: Dave Ramsay and Nom Nom Paleo. I don’t even listen to worship music like I guess I ‘should’ be. I put my fun stuff on, which is currently Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly, and One Republic.

Sometimes the Wicked soundtrack. (nerd)

I track my miles and paths with my Fitbit app and cheer a little when I hit my step goal. It makes me proud of myself. The good kind of pride.

I come home wiped out, sweaty (gross, I know, but I’m pointing out that it’s a good workout!) and happy. 


Walking (as any form of exercise, I’m assuming) releases endorphins in the brain, the ‘feel good’ chemicals. A Harvard study suggests that exercise can be just as effective in treating depression as anti-depressants are.  I joke that I’m a ‘walking addict’ because I crave it so much, and after finding this article I might not be too far off. Look at this quote:

Endorphins block pain, but they’re also responsible for our feelings of pleasure. It’s widely believed that these feelings of pleasure exist to let us know when we’ve had enough of a good thing — like food, sex or even companionship — and also to encourage us to go after that good thing in order to feel the associated pleasure.

I read somewhere once (couldn’t find the source for this post) that walking was found to be just as effective for the body as running, assuming each had the same level of exertion. In other words, 1 mile of fast running was much more effective than 1 mile of dog walking, but 20 minutes of running was comparable to 1 hour of swift walking.

I walk fast. I get in ZONE baby. My kids know what happens if they call me or RIDE THEIR BIKE TO FIND ME (that has actually happened)… momma isn’t happy.

Walking is so easy! You don’t need a gym, a treadmill, fancy equipment or workout clothes. Just a pair of shoes and your legs, and no risk of flailing about like Pheobe in the park.





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