A Piece of Wholeness

Remember how I said I’m not just looking for a smaller waist but that this journey is about becoming healthy and WHOLE? I got a little reminder of that from my favorite teenage gal the other day. I was catching up with daughter before I went to bed while she was baking salmon (weirdo) and asking how many weeks I have left of my diet. I reminded her that it’s not really a ‘diet’ but more of a detox to reset my body and that I want to KEEP eating this way. She said she liked this new way of eating.

“We always have good stuff in the house to cook with, and you’re in a good mood now. And you don’t yell at the dogs.”

It’s not just for me. It’s for them… all the people who are subject to my moods, and the level of peace and grace I have. They observe a WHOLE LOT, my friends.

mood 1


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