Where I Cook: The Inside Story

As I’ve been shifting my focus from pure weight-loss over to whole-body nutrition, I’m starting to view some other things differently. The other day I was looking around my kitchen and realized just how foolishly I’ve been complaining about it’s decor. When we first looked at this blessing of a house, I took one look at the kitchen wall paper and told the Mr. “This would be the FIRST thing to come down!” It’s been nicknamed the Lickable Wallpaper, and here it remains four years later.


It’s partly because of the expense and hassle of taking it all down and painting, but mostly this reason:

I’m kinda lazy.

So, I scroll through Pinterest (foolish idea #1) and covet all those perfect kitchens that I’m sure EVERYONE else has (foolish idea #2) and my inner toddler crosses her arms and sticks out her bottom lip.

“Exactly how does this relate to health?” you’re thinking. Hang in there. I’m getting to it.

Great stuff goes on in my wallpaper-shamed kitchen! A lot of commotion and music and Dave Ramsay podcasts happen here. Homeschool projects, teenage outbursts & apologies, birthday cakes, dog feeding, meal prepping, hanging out with friends, throwing parties, and lots of hugs and kisses.

THIS is where I cook.* This is real life, folks. With the exception of those few hours before bed it pretty much looks like this all the time (I actually paused in the middle of making dinner and took this pic.) It’s not a perfect Pinterest kitchen, or a beautiful food blogger’s set up, but it’s mine. I’m blessed because beautiful things happen inside of it.

kitchen 3

I could have the most gorgeous kitchen on the planet, but still spend all my money on fast food and other junk. It could be perfectly clean all the time because it is never used. It could be a room full of strife and arguments.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have some out-of-date walls in a room full of love than have a magazine worthy kitchen full of crap.

So, this is where my rambling comes full circle. It’s about the outside appearance v’s the inside truth. Did you know that a thin, trim person can be terribly sick on the inside? Because of our western diet 1 out of every 4 people in the U.S. are pre-diabetic. That means that the number on the scale and the size of your jeans isn’t the only indicator of your health. Oh, snap! Even at my thinnest I was addicted to caffeine and sugar. I ate fast food regularly and drank limitless diet sodas at every restaurant. I ate Cheeze-Its and cookies and pb&j’s in the middle of the night if I forgot to take my sleep aid because my sleep was a mess. While I can’t say exactly what was going on in my body, I can tell you for sure that I. Was. Not. Healthy.

I could hit my ‘perfect weight’ goal and still be sick inside. I’m not going to be dishonest and say that I don’t care about my weight. I don’t think I can break an obsession with the scale overnight, but I want more. I want to be healthy. That’s what I’m going full-speed after, and that’s what you get to watch me do.

*Notice wallpaper. Definitely Willy Wonka approved.



4 thoughts on “Where I Cook: The Inside Story

  1. You are so right on and I’m proud of you for the way you recognize what is most important in life. I love hearing what God teaches you. He is AWESOME. 😉
    I love your blogs, keep it going. 😃


  2. You have such a gift for writing. I cried reading this post, it’s beautiful and witty and awesome ! I love you thank you for sharing with all of us. It’s encouraging and inspiring.


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