To Market, To Market…

The more documentaries I watch and the more books I read about the state of our food, I’m becoming increasingly concerned about the product I’m buying at the grocery store. Organic produce is becoming more popular and affordable at the chain stores, but I’m wanting that whole home-grown thing. We have a farmer’s market right here in town that I visit occasionally, but I was in the mood for a little day adventure so I grabbed a friend, my sis-in-law, and a couple of our daughters and we took a little drive to the famed Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market.

It’s a good thing I went with limited cash because I could have easily blew my entire grocery budget up there. I went specifically looking for herbs, eggs and tomatoes but of course a few other things caught my eye. I really wanted some rosemary, because it makes an AMAZING marinade for shrimp, but couldn’t find a vendor offering any. My girlfriend was reaching for the last container she found when a jerk someone snatched it up.


I went home with

  • a massive bunch of basil (hello, pesto!)
  • tomatoes so sweet they taste like sugar
  • a zucchini that my daughter just had to have
  • the cutest little cantaloup I’ve ever seen
  • a dozen cage-free, organic, GMO free eggs (props to the Amish)
  • a little carrot cake for the Mr.

Time to get cooking!

farmers market 1     farmers market 2

farmers market 3     farmers market 4


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