How It Started

It all started with this book. (like my fancy coupon bookmark?)Blood Sugar Solution the book (Mediocre history here. I won’t take it personally if you skim this paragraph.) I’ve had body image issues since I was a teenager and started the gain/lose weight game about 15 years ago. I’ve been increasingly obsessed with my weight over the last 3 years or so, but it’s always been just that. THE WEIGHT. Never cared about my actual health, just did whatever I could to get that scale number down. I’ve followed the South Beach Diet (eh), Atkins (a health disaster), Fit For Life, counting calories (always my method of choice), and fasting. 2 years ago I discovered the raw eating lifestyle and I was intrigued. It is the ‘diet’ (a way of life, actually) that makes the most sense to me and I still follow some of the principles. I lost 30 pounds the first year I started eating raw-till-dinner… and then gained it back when I went through a particularly brutal depression phase and turned back to my comfort foods. Last summer I started walking like a mad woman, fasting and counting calories and lost 20 pounds in 2 months, only to gain 10 back as soon as it got too cold to walk and the dreaded holidays hit. In the spring I was able to get back to walking and began losing again, but was still dragging that miserable self-hatred around my neighborhood.

Then, around June of this year, something started happening. I think I’m doing that classic middle-age thing where I freak out about my age and what I’ve done or haven’t done with my life and blah blah blah. I. Am. Not. Getting. Younger. Who knew? And do I really want to be going into my 40’s (and then 50’s, and then 60’s, and then… let’s not go there) with extra weight and nagging health problems? So one night, by the glow of my Kindle, I started looking up health books. Not diet and weight-loss books, but book about actual health issues. I wanted to learn more about how to become and stay healthy and not JUST lose weight. And that’s how I came across Dr. Hyman’s book (I know, I know. Not a name you’ll be quick to forget) and checked it out from the library. Everything he said made sense and I started learning so much. I began following his plan, reading and re-reading everything and forcing myself to go at his pace and not rush ahead. I’m going into my 3rd week of a 6 week detox and am experiencing so many positive changes, including weight loss. I am not gritting my teeth and bearing through it, but happily and patiently walking right along.

I enjoy cooking in the first place, but experimenting in the kitchen to make foods that are sugar and gluten free has been a very fun challenge for me! I’m an obsessive Instagram poster so you can bet that a good deal of my meals have been posted and I have gotten many requests for the recipes. So, that’s what convinced me to finally start a health blog. I am very excited and I have a lot to share.

  • weekly progress
  • recipes and food ideas
  • food product reviews
  • inspirational ramblings
  • documentary reviews
  • book reviews
  • free printables/resources
  • opinions on things that no one asked me to share in the first place

I’m just a regular girl trying to make healthy choices for her body so she can bless herself, her family and the world around her. I know I’m going to have set backs and successes but I intend to be as honest as possible. Do you have a health blog yourself? Link me up! I’d love to read about more people doing what I am.  A couple of links for you:



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